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imgo1Increased Traffic

Having a great looking website with well written content isn't what is going to get you guaranteed results when it comes to getting new business. Of course both of these things help, but the key to success is getting more traffic to your site. That is where we come in as Google Places Experts. Not only does Google Places show your business address and phone number, but it also includes a link back to your website. Make your listing compelling enough with photographs, videos and reviews and this will drive traffic back to your website.

img02Targeted Local Traffic

If you are looking to specifically target local traffic then Google Places has to be part of your online marketing strategy. Google is always looking to improve their service, and part of that is to provide more relevant search results to those looking for products and services. To this end Google returns results that are based on the current locations of the searcher. So if a searcher types in Chinese Restaurants into the search engine, the returned results page will show a map of chinese restaurants in the immediate vicinity. 


img04Increased Phone Calls

The most popular source for people looking for contact details of local businesses is now Google, and not The Yellow Pages and other printed directories. A recent study revealed that 61% of respondents consider local search results to be more relevant and 58% considered them to be more trustworthy than both paid and general results. Getting your business listing in the top 3 places in the results pages of the world's most popular search engine, Google, will result in increased phone calls to your business.

img03Customer Reviews

Over 97% of buyers use the Internet to gather information at some point when purchasing products. That means your online reputation needs to be in good shape. The problem is most people don't take charge of their reviews, and some even fear review sites. Google Places offers prospective buyers a great place to find out what a business' customers are saying about them. You need to start collecting positive reviews from your customers, and UNeed2BRanked is here to help you do just that.




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